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My Favorite Songs of Summer 2015

Revolution of Love - music_mix_summer_2015

Can you believe today is the last day of August! The kids are back to school and the weather finally cooled off today. It really feels like the end of summer.  I was making an old school CD mix as a Get Well gift for a friend. I included my favorite songs of this summer. I thought it would be fun to add them here for you to enjoy. These songs were not necessarily released in summer, but they got a lot of summer airplay on the alternative stations and they were frequent flyers on my summer playlist. Enjoy. ;-)

Atlas Genius – Molecules

Death Cab for Cutie – The Ghosts of Beverly Drive

Twenty One Pilots – Tear In My Heart

The Wombats – Emoticons

Florence + The Machine – Ship To Wreck (Live on SNL)

Coin – Run

Coleman Hell – 2 Heads

Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile

X Ambassadors – Renegades

Cheerleader – The Sunshine of Our Youth


Beck – Dreams

(Note: this song does have some language so make sure no kiddos are around.)

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Online Daybook & 7 Quick Takes (8/28/15): School, Parties and Prayer

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Happy Friday!  I am linking up with Kelly for 7 Quick Takes.


~ 1 ~


Grateful for…

  • The kids being happy in their first week back at school.
  • Having four hours to myself each morning!
  • Getting to a better morning prayer routine.
  • A husband that works so hard for our family.
  • Kind notes from friends.
  • The necessities of life.

Praying for..

  • The grace to not waste time.
  • Those carrying heavy crosses.
  • Those who have died unexpectedly and for their families left behind.
  • An end to the fires burning in CA and WA.
  • An end to the drought.
  • All pregnant moms, those trying to get pregnant, those who have lost their babies and for moms contemplating an abortion.
  • The souls in purgatory, especially family, friend and those most forgotten.
  • Some special intentions.



revolution of love - cwa_planner_2

This week I have been thinking about the use of my time and not wasting it. Now that the kids are back to school I have my mornings free. I have a HUGE list of To Do’s and things I need to work on but my mind is constantly going, “Squirrel!” and I jump into too many things at once and I don’t actually get much accomplished. I hate that! That is why I am such a list maker and planner user. I have been trying to order my day and get the “must do’s” done first. Even if the rest of the day gets crazy, if I at least accomplished a few of the primary things, I don’t need to sweat it.

I am working on my planner posts next week. I have my new 2015-2016 Erin Condren planner and a small traveler’s notebook. I am also updating my Household Binder and Financial binder so lots of planner posts coming up!


~ 2 ~

revolution of love blog - od_logo_home2

Around the House…

I’m dividing up the house into sections to work on. This week I am working on the entry way. We finally found a system that we like to corral all the back packs, shoes and various items that accumulate in the entryway. I’ll be sharing about it in future posts. :-)


Family Chit Chat…

This happened –

revolution of love - kids_8-24-15The first day of school. It’s the first (and last) year we will have all the kids together in one school! We’ve got Bella (8th), Andrew (2nd), John-Paul (K) and Matthew (Pre-K).

revolution of love - mvx_8-24-15Matthew’s first day of school in his cute little uniform. After taking this photo he said, “Okay, you can leave now, mom.” Lol. I’m glad he feels so comfortable there! (After seeing his siblings in that class he was dying for it to be his turn.)

revolution of love - jp_8-24-15The first day was also John-Paul’s birthday! He brought Star Wars graham crackers to share with his friends.

Revolution of Love - star_wars_bday_3BI had fun making the birthday sign with the help of Picmonkey. ;-)


~ 3 ~

revolution of love blog - od_logo_kitchen

In the Kitchen…

Revolution of Love - Homemade Coconut Granola (pp_granola_6)Everyone has been asking me when I am going to make another batch of granola so I guess that’s what I’ll be making tomorrow morning!


~ 4 ~

revolution of love blog - od_logo_sights



(At the Movies)

I haven’t been to the movies much these last couple weeks, although I did catch this one.

movie_papaertownsPaper Towns reminded me of the John Hughes movies I used to watch when I was a kid. There are many teen elements but something a little deeper too. The story is about Quentin and his childhood friend Margo. They slowly drift apart and into different social crowds in high school but he never stops having a crush on her. On night, after she breaks up with her boyfriend, she turns to Q to help her seek revenge on those who wronged her. They bond and the following day she disappears. Q follows the clues she left to find out where she went.Q’s coming of age story is better than other teen movies I’ve seen and I like that (slight spoiler alert) that there wasn’t the cliched “happy” ending. That actually made the movie for me.  I’d rate this 3 1/2 stars out of 5, Parent note: The movie is rated PG-13. It contains language, crude remarks/ behavior, implied teen sex (nothing shown), partial nudity (a guy’s behind) and a secular worldview.


Listening to …

The movie may not be your cup of tea but if you listen to the alternative music station then you’ll probably enjoy the Paper Town Soundtrack. I know I am loving it. The song “My Type” by Saint Motel is on it and although it’s an older song, it has been one of my favorite tracks of the summer. I dare you to listen to it and not want to dance! I’ll be listening to it in the car as I go on a lunch date with Brian this weekend! Well, only if i have on my earphone since he doesn’t like my music. He is either listening to chant or The Clash. My sweet paradoxical man is just my type. ;-)



These are on my nightstand now.

I have not been reading lately since by the evening I am so exhausted I fall asleep after a few sentences. Now that I have more free time to work in the morn, I hope to remedy that because I downloaded a bunch of books on my Kindle thanks to the Kindle deals I found over at There are some great titles listed!


~ 5 ~

revolution of love blog - od_logo_blog

Here are my posts from the last two week’s:

Revolution of Love - Be A Heart Giveaway & interview with Erica Tighe (ss_erica_giveaway)There is still time to join the “Be a Heart” Giveaway! It ends next weekend. :-)



~ 6 ~

revolution of love blog - od_logo_web

In the blogosphere…


~ 7 ~

revolution of love blog - od_logo_captured

I shot this one with my phone on my morning walk.

Revolution of Love - cwa_beach_purple

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately! What about you? What’s currently happening in your life? Do share.

Have a great weekend!

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Saturday Spotlight: Erica of Be A Heart

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight (logo_saturday_spotlight_3)

I’m excited for this second installment of the new blog series called Spotlight Saturday. Every month I will feature someone and their creativity – whether it is a crafty mama selling her creations on etsy, or a Catholic artist bringing beauty into the world or a blogger spreading the light of Christ through her (or his) words. I think it will be a great way to support the people who are making the word a little brighter with their God given talents.

* * * * *

Today our feature spotlight is for Erica at Be A Heart.



1. Tell us a little about yourself.

ss_erica_1Photograph by Meredith Amadee Photography

My name is Erica and I am the owner and designer at Be A Heart. I grew up in Phoenix, went to DePaul University in Chicago and studied Sociology. After graduation I was a volunteer with Heart’s Home, USA in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil for a year and a half and then moved to New York to begin my adult American life, and lastly moved to Los Angeles last summer to be closer to my family.


2. When did you first know you wanted to be an artist? Where you always artistic?

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight: Erica Tighe (ss_erica_11)Source: Erica Tighe

I love this question. You know, I loved doing crafts as a kid. I used to hand make all my holiday cards and birthday cards. My grandma used to tell me at every holiday that one day I would be a card maker. I would brush that comment off because my dream since age three was to be a teacher. It’s a bit of a long story of how I switched degrees from elementary education to sociology so I won’t bore you with that. However, I always saw myself more as an “intellectual,” not an artist even though I have family members who are in artistic fields.

After graduating, I backpacked through Europe by myself for six weeks. I spent hours upon hours in museums and was so moved by all of the art across cultures and centuries. I have always been battling depression and other issues of low self esteem and the beauty that I encountered in those six weeks healed me in a way that I had never experienced before.

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight: Erica Tighe (ss_erica_2)“The kids learning about India and making our own Rangoli.” // Source: Erica Tighe

A few months later in my orientation program for Heart’s Home someone quoted Dostoevsky, “Beauty will save the world,” in a session on beauty. It really struck me. When I got to Brazil, they put me in charge of the schoolhouse. I still had to learn Portuguese so I turned to art. I developed an arts based curriculum (I had kids from age 2 to 14). These were all children who had experienced traumas in their young lives and through learning about different artists and cultures and then practicing on their own, I saw them grow and heal.

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight: Erica Tighe (ss_erica_3) “An art exhibition we hosted to raise money for our village.” // Source: Erica Tighe

This was really the beginning of my own growth as an artist. They opened something in me. They taught me how to be inhibited in my work.


3. What was the inspiration for the name “Be a Heart?”

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight: Erica Tighe (ss_erica_4.jpg)
Again at my Heart’s Home orientation in some session, someone said, your job as a missionary is to “be a heart, nothing but a heart.” I remember writing it down in my notebook. I could do that, I thought. Really the charism of Heart’s Home is compassion and the organization does not go into these slums to build hospitals or schools or churches. They go to be little hearts, they go to build friendships with the lonely. I named my blog Be A Heart, which I would update with my measly one hour of internet a week. When I came back to the states, the name rolled over into my new blog, where I wrote about what it was like to still be a heart in New York City.

I’m really self conscious about the name—like what kind of business name is that?!! But by the time it came to create an actual business out of my design work, I had already built this brand of Be A Heart and I had to just roll with it. It’s a good daily reminder for me to actually be a heart in this world that can so often be heartless.


4. It’s obvious that you have a love of God and strong faith. Does your faith affect your artistry or how you view beauty in the world?

I think part of this question is answered above, but I will expand a bit further. So how after all of these experiences did I become a calligrapher, designer, business owner? I was working at a school in Brooklyn. I was really unhappy, I answered in myself once and for all that, despite my childhood dream, I was no longer feeling drawn to be a teacher. I was working in administration—working on events and logistical matters. I needed something to do in the evenings after work that was using my creative juices, but also that didn’t make a mess. I recalled my mom teaching me calligraphy as a child so I ordered some things on Amazon—all the wrong tools, mind you. I was terrible. I was looking for a new job, had no idea what I was doing with myself, was pretty unhappy.

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight: Erica Tighe (ss_erica_5)Source: Erica Tighe

I did a novena right before Christmas that my grandmother had framed for me for my confirmation that her mother (my great grandmother) had handwritten. I prayed for a new job. At the end of the novena, in some weird inspiration, I told a friend that I was going to be a calligrapher for a living. A job was not presented to me right away, I totally forgot about it even, had started making plans to move to LA.

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight: Erica Tighe (ss_erica_7)Source: Erica Tighe

A few months later, someone saw my terrible attempts at calligraphy and asked me to make her a print. Then someone asked me to do the calligraphy for a wedding. Which led to a wedding invitation. By July, I had registered Be A Heart as an LLC. It’s a bit of a blur since then. There have been a lot of unseen curves in the road. A lot of “what in the world am I doing??” moments.

I asked my spiritual director in a panic if I was crazy. Was this what God wanted me to do?! And he said, “Oh, Erica. God doesn’t have some really hard puzzle for you to figure out. He wants you to live in love. Can you love in your design work? Then, God is very happy for you to be a designer.”

It freed me totally. Father Michael often reminds me that God is my boss so when I am ready for more work, I ask him. None of this is my doing and I have very aware of it every day. Just yesterday, I saw my to-do list and my August income. I realized I could take on some more work. I got on my knees next to my desk and asked for it. Within an hour (literally, this is not an exaggeration) I had three projects in my inbox. It blows my mind. But I should also mention that this took a few months of practice to get it down—a few panic attacks happened in the mean time. Now I have months of evidence that everything will be cared for so the anxiety has lessened greatly.

When I had a salary and regular pay check, I think I thanked God when I got the job. Then my check was just deposited every two weeks and I took it for granted. Now, I could get a $5 check and I thank Him for it.

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight: Erica Tighe (ss_erica_6)Source: Erica Tighe

Then there are moments when I am designing a wedding invitation for a couple. It can take months for the design process and I get to pray for this marriage between these two people. I get to lift them up as they are going through marriage prep. Wedding planning can be so stressful so if I can make one part really lovely and thoughtful, then I am being a heart.


5. I love how you said in your blog that you have been dealing with your anxiety by cultivating gratitude. Have you seen a difference?

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight: Erica Tighe (ss_erica_8)Source: Erica Tighe

Totally and completely. Sometimes I forget to be grateful. I’ll go days without making my gratitude lists. But then I go back and fill it in when I’m feeling anxious. Being grateful for what I have takes me away from what I don’t have and that always calms the anxiety.


6. I really want to learn how to do handlettering and I purchased your practice sheets. Do you have any tips for a beginner or tools that you recommend?

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight: Erica Tighe (ss_erica_12) Source: Erica Tighe

I have to tell you the main thing is to practice practice practice. I spent hours and hours and hours being SO TERRIBLE. You can look back on my instagram and see. Not even that long ago, I was still not that great. But I just kept doing it. I picked up a few things by looking at other people’s letters, but I also tried to work with my natural handwriting.

If you want to do calligraphy, I suggest getting a Zebra G nib and any kind of pen holder. You have to use Bristol smooth surface paper for it or else it will catch on the paper and cause splatters. I only use sumi ink.

For brush lettering, I like to use round brushes—size 0-4. I dip in the sumi ink or use watercolors. I use a marker paper for practicing and watercolor paper for more finalized pieces.

Take a class if you have any in your area. Even one will help you visualize how to use the tools. I’m working on setting up some video classes for people who live outside of areas where I travel and teach.


7. What projects are you working on right now?

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight: Erica Tighess_erica_14

Various products Erica designed for Blessed Is They are available to purchase here. // Source: Blessed Is She

Let’s see, what is on my dock. I am working on some products for Blessed Is She. That is sort of an ongoing project. I am working on a book cover for a client and I got a lot of custom print orders recently. I am also working on the final pieces for a couple’s wedding, which is at the end of the month—escort cards, table numbers, menus, programs, etc. And working on someone’s website design. There is always so much going on simultaneously!

8. Any last words?

Revolution of Love - Saturday Spotlight: Erica Tighe (ss_erica_10)Source: Erica Tighe

I’ve already said a lot :-) Will be surprised if anyone makes it down here. But if you do, know that God will provide for you if you can be open to it and take risks and move past the uncomfortableness in life. Open your heart. I feel so blessed to get to do this for a living, but I also believe that we can all “be hearts” in so many capacities in our work. It’s about how we answer the phone or respond to an email or put an extra touch of thoughtfulness in a package. It’s about how we greet our coworkers or smile at our customers. And like my spiritual director said, as long as you can love in what you are doing, then God will be delighted.

*  *  *  * *

A big thanks to Erica for opening up and sharing so much of her loving heart with us. I have always admired Erica’s work but now that I have learned more about her, I admire her on a deeper level as a person!

Revolution of Love - Be A Heart Giveaway & interview with Erica Tighe (ss_erica_giveaway)

Revolution of Love – Be A Heart Giveaway & interview with Erica Tighe

I have purchased a number of Erica’s products over the year and I would love to share some of her beautiful creations with you. Join the “Be A Heart” Giveaway and you could win an item  of your choice (up to $20 value) from Erica’s shop. Join the rafflecopter giveaway below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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7 Quick Takes (8/21/15): Brunch, Birthday & Blessings


I was going to do an Online Daybook but I don’t have enough time. Instead I’m linking up with Kelly and posting a quickie 7 Quick Takes that will really only be of interest to my family (or close friends) since it’s mostly family news. ;-)

~ 1 ~

This has been our last week of summer vacation and I feel like we packed more fun in this week than we did over the whole summer! (Well,  minus out trip to Lake Tahoe in June.) On Saturday my friend Celia (whom I met through the Blessed Is She regional Facebook group) and I hosted a Blessed is She Brunch in Monterey. We got together with old friends as well as new friends who we only knew through the Facebook groups.

revolution of love - qt_brunch_1WWe started off the day with Mass at San Carlos Cathedral to celebrate the feast of the Assumption. I love my lively family but it was a treat to sit and worship Our Lord at Mass without having to tell someone to stop making rude noises or quit poking their brother during Mass. I needed that alone time.


Afterwards, we headed over to Celia’s house. Everyone brought in a dish for the potluck and we enjoyed the deliciousness, we talked and shared stories.

Revolution of Love  - Blessed Brunch (brunch_2)We shared how BIS has touched our hearts and helped in our spiritual journey. We talked about our families, our kids, our interests and everything else under that came up. If you put a group of women together, you will never run out of things to talk about! After we closed the afternoon with prayer we said our goodbyes and planned to make this a regular occurrence. :-)


~ 2 ~

Revolution of Love - qt_bday_2015_aWa birthday bouquet

On Tuesday, I celebrated my 35th birthday (full disclosure, I have been 35 for years now.) ;-) My favorite gift?

 Revolution of Love - ba_sibs_2015In the family line up it’s me (#1, the oldest)), Jacinta (#6, the athlete), Isaac (#9, the baby) and Nathaniel (#4, the artist).

A visit from my sister Jacinta and my brothers Nathaniel and Isaac. I haven’t seem them since January at my brother Jake’s wedding so it was a real blessing!

Revolution of Love - qt_bday_2015_dWe spent the day touring Monterey, specifically San Carlos Beach…

Revolution of Love - The Wharf in Montereyqt_bday_2015_eand the Wharf.

Revolution of Love Blog - qt_bday_2015_3WThere were a number of sea lions out and the kids had fun watching them swim and pose for photos.

Revolution of Love - qt_bday_2015_fWAfter walking the first mile, the boys needed a little motivation to make the second mile so we stopped at this Willy Wonka like candy store. I may have consumed a dark chocolate almond cluster  rationalizing that calories don’t count as long as you are moving while you are eating. ;-)


~ 3 ~

Revolution of Love Blog - qt_bday_2015_cWLater that evening my siblings told me to go out with Brian and they would babysit. I ran out the door before they could change their mind.

Revolution of Love -- qt_bday_2015_bWLuckily, Brian had won a free dinner at work so we were able to dine at Peppoli’s in Pebble Beach. Brian must have told them it was my birthday because this was on my menu. A birthday greeting! Fancy.

Now, Brian and I are more of a chips and salsa couple than a wine and cheese couple so we definitely were a little out of our element as we were escorted to the table, greeted by the chef, had napkins placed in our laps and given the wine list.

Revolution of Love - qt_bday_2015_gWe don’t usually eat beef, so when we go out I like I get a treat. This time I chose the beef tenderloin. It was SO GOOD.


~ 4 ~

At one point our conversation went something like this.

Brian: I don’t like this.

Me: “Don’t like what?”

Brian: “They are treating me like, like…”

Me: “Like you are somebody?”

Brian: “Exactly! I don’t like it.”

Me: (Laughing) (In a whisper:) “I feel like I am on Downton Abbey. Look at that waiter standing by the wall with his hands behind his back. He is keeping an eye on us so he can come to our side the moment we need him. Watch this.” (I then place down my silverware and wipe my mouth with my napkin. Like clockwork, the waiter comes over and asks if he can remove my plate.

Me: (After the waiter leaves.) “I could get used to this.” (Snapping my fingers joikingly.) “Oh, Carson. The dessert menu please.” Yeah, I can get used to this.

Brian: “Well, don’t get used to this! Its back to the real world once we walk out the door.”

Me: (Sighs) “Well, it was fun while it lasted.” ;-)


~ 5 ~

revolution of love - qt_dl_4_14kI came home and found the table decorated like this. So sweet.


~ 6 ~

revolution of love - qt_point_lobos

The next day I wanted to take my sister and brothers to one of our favorite spots – Point Lobos Reserve.

Revolution of Love - qt_point_lobos2

We climbed our favorite trail and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery.

revolution of love - qt_bday_2015_lIt’s a tradition to take a photo of the boys on the big rock that marks the half way point of our walk.


~ 7 ~

The last few birthdays have been a little harder with Brian being sick and going through chemo so it was a treasured blessing that this year we are all well and healthy and not going though any serious drama. There are always peaks and valley so right now I am enjoying this peak in my life. :-)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you are not having the best time right now and could use some extra prayer, let me know. I’d be happy to pray for you.

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Operation Clean and Organize: Organizing My Bathroom Shelves and Walls

Revolution of Love - Operation Clean & Organize(logo_oco_main_1)It has been a long time since I’ve done a Operation Clean and Organize post! As family and long time readers know, I am always on a quest to tame my mess. In 2012 I was working on a number of home improvement projects but in 2013 I got a little side tracked when Brian got cancer and our focus turned to survival and family time. Now things have eased up with Brian being healthy and the kids being a little older so I can go back to focusing on getting our house in order.

I have to admit that something is happening within in me. It used to be that I could turn a blind eye to the piles of junk and the crap shoved on shelves. I sort of zoned it out. But now, it’s bugging me. I mean, driving me nuts bugging me. I’m sick of the disorder and the interior chaos it is causing me. And I just want to purge and organize. I don’t know what it means. Maybe I am finally growing up. Maybe I am having some kind of spiritual epiphany. Maybe it’s a sign of an upcoming apocalypse and the end of the world as we know it. (Cue REM.)  Whatever, I just know I’ve got to seize the moment while it is still strong. ;-)

Shortly before I cam became pregnant with Matthew, we were able to remodel our home to convert our garage into a third bedroom. It included a bathroom that I love. Unlike our other bathroom, it is fresh, bright and clean. Well, except for this narrow shelving section next to the tub. I use it to hold to towels, toiletries, hair accessories etc.

Revolution of Love - Organizing bathroom shelves - oco_bathroom_beforeHowever, over time it had become a catch-all of random junk. (Don’t ask me why there are tinker toys in there.)

I have been following Mystie Winkler over at Simplified Organization (more about that in a bit) and one of her mottoes is for everything to have a home. So I went through the piles of junk and got rid of trash, gave away what I no longer used and found a spot for what I did use. The results? Drum roll please…

Revolution of Love - Organizing the bathroom (oco_bathroom)The photos are not great because the lighting was bad but you get the idea. Order!

 Revolution of Love - Organizing the bathroom - oco_bathroom2I used bins and containers I found at Target to hold my stuff. One has products, another hair accessories, blow dryer, etc.

Revolution of Love - Organizing the bathroom - oco_bathroom3Confession time. Along with having hoarding tendencies I am also a sucker for a sale and clearance items. I may or may not have actually bought a cute baby item before I was even married because I knew one day I would use it for my own baby. (To my credit, years later I did use it for my child.) This wall organizer is one of those sale items that have been sitting in my closet forever.

Revolution of Love  - Organizing the bathroom - oco_bathroom5I finally hung it and used it for my necklaces and bracelets. I added a couple of S-hooks to the very top to add a few more items.

revolution of love blog - ba_4_15In the 80’s, it was the style to wear hairbands with huge hair. I’ve sorta tamed the wild hair (no more hair sprayed mile-high bangs!) but I still love me a hair scarf whether it is out of style or not. I can’t follow trends. Mama ain’t got no time for that!

Revolution of Love  - Organizing the bathroom - oco_bathroom4Now I keep my scarves here. This handy little holder was given to me as a gift from one of my coworkers. (Do I admit that it was from a job that I left 14 years ago, which mean this holder has been sitting in a closet for 14 years…no, I won’t admit it. That’s just plain creepy.)

Revolution of Love  - Organizing the bathroom - oco_bathroom6I am a sucker for colorful paper beads bracelets. These have been made by women in Africa trying to better their lives and their family’s life. Some of these I have bought at Costco during their fair trade product fairs and others I purchased from Outreach Uganda. (Wife to hubby: “It’s really more of an act of charity that I buy these bracelets. We are helping feed African children!” Hubby: Insert eye roll.)

Revolution of Love - Organizing the bathroom -oco_bathroom7They sit on my bathroom sink along with these cute yet inexpensive little bird jewelry holders.

© revolution of love blog - phfr_89a3I found them at The Farm, an organic farm in nearby Salinas, CA.

© revolution of love blog - phfr_89d1They have amazing produce and…

© revolution of love blog - phfr_89d2A collection of country life goods. I don’t go there often but when I do, I always find a little treasure. If you are ever in that area, stop by and take a look. :-)

revolution of love - Organizing Bathroom Shelves & Walls - oco_bathroom_logo

So that is one of the projects I competed over the summer. When everything is orderly and tidy,  it brings me such peace. It’s far form perfect but it is a big improvement. No more scrambling around and yelling, “Where is my !@#$ hair dryer! I’m late! UGH!” Now I know exactly were my hair dryer is and I MAKE SURE to return it to it’s proper place when I am done. I’m constantly reminding myself to just put it away, right away! Leaving things laying around is a hard habit to break and I know I need more than just a few Before and After moments to keep my house in order. I need an attitude readjustment!  This is where Mystie comes in with some guidance. I was reading her blog and she wrote:

I’ve always been a slob by nature, and I’ve been actively combating that tendency for 7 years now.

Sometimes I even think there’s hope. I want to share what I’ve learned along the way, moving from thinking that housecleaning was a waste of time to trying to keep the house decently in order. Though I’ve always been a slob, I’ve also always been a planner and a list-maker. My problem wasn’t not knowing what to do. My problem was not caring.

I have learned to care. It is better to care. It does matter. It is good work.

I could make a plan, but I then I would rebel against it. “You can’t tell me what to do!” my inner two-year-old would scoff at my written list, “Who made you the boss?”

Add five kids to the mix, and the problem becomes not only my own lack of desire to follow a good plan, but also the fact that life doesn’t actually happen according to my plan when I do want it.

These are my struggles, and I know I’m not alone. So I write to share what I’ve learned, hoping to help others not only know there is a way out of the frustration, but also that they are not alone.

I provide not just another housekeeping plan to try, but a paradigm shift. I want you to see

– that your work matters.

– that your attitude matters.

– that you can tame your inner fussy two-year-old.

– that there is a way out of chaos and frustration, even though it isn’t easy or once-and-done.

I want to show you how to turn your frustration into momentum, your chaos into growth, and your plans into actions.

A slob by nature? She loves planners and lists but didn’t care about cleaning. That is so me! Do you see why I love this girl?? Go read the rest of her story here.

So in upcoming posts, I will share with you about her course I’m taking and how my progress is going. It is not about spending money and buying lots of matching bins and label makers (although I would have liked that too) ;-) but it is about keeping it simple, tidy (even with messy family life) and changing the attitude so you learn to love what must be done. Genius.

Okay, my time is up and kiddos need to be fed so I’ll stop here.

Have you been working on organizing lately? If not, what it the one area you’d love to tackle? Do tell. :-)

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